Cabana Vintage AlixeFrom an early age, Alixe Laughlin’s love of vibrant, timeless style was kindled by the beautiful places she was fortunate to call home and the dazzling women she shared them with. Her grandmother’s fantastical wardrobe from the sixties and seventies, with stories recalling Bahamian dinners that mixed black tie with bare feet, left a formative imprint on Alixe, developing her eye for style that transcends time. It is the relaxed nature of these sentimental settings and the joyful glamour of the Bahamas that form the signature elements of Cabana Vintage.

Studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as design roles with Quadrille Fabrics and noted Bahamas-based interior designer Amanda Lindroth were formative for Alixe’s technical and creative capabilities. At that time, her passion for vintage-collecting remained confined to weekends, but what started as a hobby, quickly became an all consuming affair and finally, when her treasure trove of finds outgrew her Manhattan apartment, a new career path.

“Cabana,” Alixe says, “is vintage for people who don’t necessarily shop vintage. Every piece feels one-of-a-kind and special, like it could be new.” She shops for the collection the way she shops for herself, seeking distinctive looks, timeless quality, and that indescribable thrill when something’s just right.

“These clothes are about beauty, heritage and serendipity. They’ve had some adventures and they’re ready for another.”

Alixe currently resides in New York City.  She will continue her never ending quest for the perfect pieces, hoping to bring them to a city near you.